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Book Review: Bollywood Fiancé for a Day – Ruchi Vasudeva

Total Bollywood Masala!!!

Bollywood Fiancé for a Day shows Ruchi’s passion for giving her words a life on pages clear and beautiful. The plot is fresh and intrigues you from page one. What is incredible is that she manages to hold your attention throughout the many twists and turns she has weaved into the plot. There were a couple of times when my impatience was on the verge of overtaking my ardent insistence on continuing to read. But just as soon, there’d be something that would make it difficult for me to put it down. So kudos to Ruchi on that!!!

Set in Mumbai and Lucknow, the book revolves around Zaheer Saxena, a drop-dead gorgeous Bollywood star, and Vishakha Sehgal, a shy and simple doctor. For Zaheer, life is about proving himself to the world and his father. For Vishakha, it is about doing everything that makes her parents happy. The story is about how both of them help each other fight their insecurities, while learning to battling their own, and come out not just as lovers but two individuals who are comfortable in their own space. While this happens to be the baseline of most romance novels, it is what the writer lends of herself that makes a story different from the rest. When you are done reading Ruchi’s debut, you know that it has come straight from her heart – unadulterated and pure.

For a romance novel, to work for its readers, it has to have a fine balance between reality and leap-of-faith. This one nails it well.

Readers, when they finish reading a book, most prominently take the characters with them. Zaheer and Vishakha, I know, are going to stay with me forever.

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