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Book Review: The Runaway Bridegroom – Sundari Venkatraman

Judge this book by its brilliant cover!

The Runaway Bridegroom is the first book by Sundari that I’ve read, and I’m glad I did :). I’ve heard a lot of praise for Sundari and her previous novels from the members of the various literary groups that I am a part of and I think it is totally justified.

The first thing about this book that had me bowled over was the cover. Amazingly done, it is one of the best covers I’ve seen so far.

TRB is the story of Chanda and Ranveer, both of whom are haunted by a past that keeps them tethered, not allowing them to move ahead in life. The story is about how they both come to terms with their past and future and make decisions for a future that neither has seen coming. What happens when, before you understand the meaning of love, the right to choose the love of your life and your life partner is taken away from you? And what happens when, despite knowing this, you fall in love and dream to spend your life with that special someone? This is what the story is about. It traverses through how Chanda and Ranveer battle their past to make a present for themselves, like they want it.

The story is well-planned and progresses at an easy pace; each character is neatly sketched and every scene has been leveraged as much time as it requires. What is worth another applaud is a parallel story that has been woven very beautifully with the main plot – without taking the light away from the main couple. This, I think, Sundari has done extremely well.

There were little things that I came across that I thought could’ve been better – a slightly superfluous use of adjectives and the portrayal of Chanda’s family; with the turn of events, having some resistance from at least one of the family members would’ve been interesting.

Having said this, Sundari has done a phenomenal job with the story. Anyone who reads it will like it because she has written it with great conviction.

For all aspiring writers out there, which also includes me, Sundari’s book is not just a literary treat but also a learning experience.

Looking forward to more such treats from you Sundari :).

P.S: I’d done the cover reveal, which features the book blurb and info about the author, some time back as a part of the The Book Club Cover Reveal. You can look at it here:

One thought on “Book Review: The Runaway Bridegroom – Sundari Venkatraman

  1. Thank you so much Nikita Jhanglani for that awesome review. I am so glad you liked The Runaway Bridegroom.

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