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Guest Post: Sundari Venkatraman on her journey, as a writer, so far

Nikita Jhanglani: In all this time of your journey as a writer, how would you describe your graph? What are the areas where you think you’ve grown well and which are the ones where you think you’ve come to be a bit laid back?

Sundari Venkatraman Thank you for the question Nikita Jhanglani! I was not a writer till I was 40 years old. I couldn’t string two sentences together on paper while I could talk hundred to a dozen in the Queen’s language since age three. Once I began writing, I couldn’t seem to stop. I wrote three full-fledged novels – The Malhotra Bride; Meghna & Sangita’s Dilemma (to be launched Valentine 2015) in the span of five months. I tried my best to get them published contacting a number of publishers in India and around the world without any success. Discouraged, I stopped writing and hunted for a job. I got one in Mumbai Mirror in 2005. After that, I worked till 2011 (for Network18 from 2007-2011), still not successful in finding a publisher. I realised that I wanted people to read my books and began to blog away my novels in a series called “Cupid Strike Series”. That is where I wrote one more novel The Runaway Bridegroom and half of another novel Simha International before Double Jeopardy happened with Indireads. Double Jeopardy kept me busy for almost a year with a lot of back and forth. It was also during that period that I honed my skills as an editor and proof-reader, when I worked on nine novels for Indireads. With no luck trying to publish my earlier novels via Indireads, I jumped at Rubina Ramesh’s suggestion of self-publishing on Amazon. Beginning February 2014 when The Malhotra Bride – my first self-published novel was launched Amazon – I must say my journey as a writer has taken off like a rocket. Between writing, re-writing, proofing, publishing and marketing, I must say that I have come a long way and have not had the time to remain laid back. My plan is to publish four books per year with an anthology of romantic short stories titled Cupid Strikes to be published in December 2014 (the fourth one this year). I have chalked out the four books to be published till end of 2015 too.

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