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Book Review: Against All Rules by Summerita Rhayne

There are love stories that are subtle and there are love stories that are passionate. Against All Rules is subtly passionate and passionate subtle! The story has a steaming start that promises to make the entire reading journey worthwhile.

Against All Rules is the story of the handsome and suave Tahir and the graceful Samara. While already dealing with an unpleasant past, Tahir finds himself trapped into marriage with the conniving Elaine. Freshly divorced, Tahir decides that love and his life cannot go together. Enter Samara and all of Tahir’s rules threaten to go out of the window!

At a very young age, when her parents decide of shrug-off all worldly responsibilities, Samara is forced to live on the mercy of her aunt who leaves no stone unturned to make her feel a burden. When she finally manages to move out from the shadows of her aunt, Samara decides that no matter what she will never be a burden, an adjustment for anyone, come what may. A passionate encounter with Tahir and Samara is forced to rethink.

Against All Rules is as passionate and as beautiful as an Indian Romance can get. Tahir and Samara, each having faced their share of struggles early in life, have a set of rules that they live by. And breaking those rules is easier said than done!

The book is about the different situations life puts them in and how they are forced to think and rethink about their rules. Elaine’s character adds just the right amount of twist to the story. Though the book feels a little slow after the first few pages, in no time does it pick up a pace that makes it difficult for you to put it down.

If you like your romances passionate, this is one book that you must not miss!

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