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Book Review: Rescued By Love by Shilpa Suraj

The Blurb:

Naina Ahuja is kidnapped just days before her father, a Supreme Court Chief Justice, is about to sentence a terrorist. Lt. Col. Arjun Rathore has been sent to look for her with his team and there is no one else who can be trusted. Soon enough, Arjun and his team find Naina and bring her back to safety. However, during the trek back from Ladakh, Arjun and Naina start to fall in love with one another and have a passionate affair. Going their separate ways is the hardest thing for them to do. Will they find a way to be with each other?

My Review:

Phenomenal! Everything that I have to say about this book revolves pretty much around this word. This is such an amazing and well-written book that I’d recommend it to any one who is a die-hard romance fan. I absolutely loved the way Shilpa has written this one. The pace of the story is one of the best I’ve come across in some time. You can feel the romance emanating from the pages! There is not much explicit content around intimacy – just the usual – and yet I had goosebumps for almost all the time I was reading this one.

She makes no elaborate descriptions of her characters – in very few words, she conveys to you just as much as is needed to know about one and then lets you work your way through the rest. The characters and situations feel real. My favorite, very obviously, is Arjun. Not only because of the very apparent reasons, but also because of the way Shilpa has portrayed him. He just makes your heart melt!

Having read Shilpa’s first book, The Girl He Left Behind, what also impressed the reader in me was her growth as a writer. Fabulous! Kudos to you Shilpa. This one is definitely a treat – one that I wouldn’t mind gorging on again and again and again.

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