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Book Review: The Girl He Left Behind by Shilpa Suraj

The Blurb:

The only guy Sia Sharma, a romantic fiction editor, had loved had left six years ago. Ryan Mathur has now become a well-known entrepreneur and his advertising company has been chosen to create the marketing campaign for Sia’s publishing firm. But Ryan has only one intention – winning Sia back. But Sia is hell-bent on making him pay for what he had done to her six years ago. Will they get back together again?

My Review:

If you are looking for a book that is perfect company to your Sunday brunch, then this is one book that you can definitely consider. Short and sweet, the interesting plot of this story beautifully does what every love story – every Mills & Boon – is supposed to do. In the heart of its readers, it inspires the hope that no matter how many unexpected twists and turns life takes, each one of us is meant to have our own happily ever after. And that you need to believe in it! A little patience, a little effort in fighting the demons that plague us every day go a long way in getting that HEA!

I loved the characters of Sia and Ryan and the chemistry they share. The moments between them are not so much built on passion as they are on emotional depth and yet they inspire the romantic in you. Minty and Adarsh, best friends of the lead couple, are two wonderful characters that add the required warmth and humor to the story.

But what impressed me very much was the message that Shilpa sends out to her readers through the life-changing decisions that Sia and Minty take. The women very gracefully walk-out on an abusive husband and a cheating fiancé and take their lives in their hands, not caring to mope around!

Overall, the pace of the story is good except for a few places where I thought the story moved a little too fast. But if that be ignored, this definitely is worth a read.


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