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Book Review: Marijuana Diaries

The Blurb:

Marijuana Diaries, an anthology on addiction and obsession, has 17 stories by new and established writers. As writers introspect and celebrate addictions of various forms, the pages of this diary fill up.

Contributors: Gulzaar, Raghuvir Shekhawat, Paulami DuttaGupta, Nethra A, Deepali Junjappa, Meera Bharadwaj, Rubina Ramesh, Janaki Nagraj, Priyaa Trippayar Sahasranaman, Brindaa Lakshmi, Reshma Ranjan, Aparajita Dutta, Ahana Mukherjee, Nehali Lalwani, Rochelle Potkar, Subha N Nivedita and Dr. Tahmina Khaleel

My Review:

What is your first thought on hearing the word addiction? Most of us would think about alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and the likes. And what would be your first thought when you were asked to read a book titled Marijuana Diaries? That this would be the hopeful story of a bunch of drug-addicts, on the path of reform or a tragic story of their destruction.

Go ahead with this conviction, and the words and stories lying in the pages of this book will surprise you so that you will never look at addiction in the same way ever again. The stories in here will redefine addiction for you.

I had similar first thoughts, and this turned out to be one of the few books that pleasantly surprised me!

The anthology is an amalgamation of the different facets of addiction-the addiction to win, the addiction to a hobby, or even the addiction to destroy addiction.

The stories are written with great conviction, not discovering new types of addiction but opening the readers’ mind to the different forms of addiction that exist around us but remain unnoticed. Primarily, because of the narrow definition of addiction that we are accustomed to.
This book is definitely a great add to your collection.

7 thoughts on “Book Review: Marijuana Diaries

  1. When I first saw the name and the cover of the book, I too assumed it to be about drug addiction. Goes to show how limited our thought process and associations can be at times. This looks like a great read. I am adding it to my TBR. Thanks for sharing, Nikita.

  2. Nicely weaved review and it’s making me curious to uncover the layers of marijuana. I thought the book is about drugs. Thanks for the honest feedback and encouragement on my blog.

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