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Book Review: The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Kumar Jain

The Blurb :

The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Kumar Jain is a well-crafted mystery novel that contains just enough elements of a Shakesperean tragedy to make the reader sympathetic to the sociopath protagonist, Avinash, a drama student from Goa, India.Enter Verona Schmidt, an unsuspecting Swiss exchange student, to upstage everyone in the college Dramatics Club and to become front and center in Avinash s peculiar frame of mind. Over coffee at the local Nescafe, Avinash introduces Verona to the concept of mind transportation, which she perceives as nothing more than a fun game she is playing with a young man who seems to be flirting with her. The exchange student enjoys Avinash s company and co-stars with him in his play put on by the Dramatics Club of their college. She eventually allows herself (despite her claim to having a so-called boyfriend named Kevin) to enjoy champagne and a kiss with Avinash. Dismissing the romantic moment as a drunken mistake, Verona flees back to Switzerland with the obsessed Avinash in hot pursuit across the globe.

My Review :

The editor’s note says that the story will compel you to read Rhonda Bryne’s The Secret, if you haven’t yet read it. Now, I did make an attempt to read The Secret once, at a time in my life when I needed its teachings the most. No, it did not work for me. I wouldn’t know why, for I couldn’t go beyond reading just about a quarter of the book, a few pages more or less.

Between then and now, a lot of people have told me that the book worked wonders for them and that it is a must-read. I, however, couldn’t bring myself to read it.

When I signed up with The Book Club for a review tour of The Seventh Cup, I did not know that it was inspired by The Secret. When I got to know about this, honestly, all my excitement of reading the book had vanished. But the challenge in the editor’s note had me all intrigued.

Fortunately for me, reading The Seventh Cup wasn’t as much of a challenge as reading The Secret was. I like how the author has spun a decently plausible story around the latter. His characters are good and the story manages to keep you on the edge for most of the time. His story did not make me want to read The Secret (I’m pretty convinced by now that that isn’t happening unless I want it to) but it did make me believe again in what I had read in it.

The only hitch in reading this book was its poorly done editing. If you are a Grammar Nazi, pick up this book solely for the story and be prepared about being disappointed from the grammar aspect. Periods in place of question marks and vice-versa, inconsistent and unnecessary capitalization hamper the joy of reading, especially if you are somebody who pays a lot of attention to things like this.

My Rating :

A decent read. Although capable of a 3.5/5, because of its editing, I am going to give this book a 3/5.


8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Kumar Jain

  1. *Phew* You are the first book-loving person I’ve met (er…? Digitally?!) who actually isn’t raving about “The Secret”. Didn’t read more than about a quarter of the book before I chucked it!

  2. I am no grammar nazi, but bad editing does put me off. I liked your review. Very balanced. 🙂

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