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Book Review: Equinox by Madhuri Maitra

The Blurb:

“When Indus Publishers announces a short story competition, it affects the lives of the ensemble cast in unexpected ways. A jaded journalist, a bored housewife, a starry-eyed ambitious girl, an army colonel, an impoverished divorcee—all enter the competition for pressing reasons of their own. They emerge with only slightly deeper pockets than they had but far richer in experience.
Social issues are explored in an engaging manner, entwined in the lives of the characters—this is indeed the way of life. The novel also promises an enchanting look at the diversity in India; the characters belong to different Indian states and embody the peculiarities of the people of that region. Equinox and its checkered characters step to music of their own; many readers will find that it resonates with their own inner music.”

My Review:

We are so used to reading stories with hard-hitting subjects, twists and turns at every bend, complex characters and emotions, that we often forget the charm of a simple story.
Madhuri Maitra’s Equinox is a beautiful reminder of this charm.
As the blurb says, the story revolves around six people, each struggling to come up with a decent story to submit as their individual entry to a short story competition. The author gets full marks for coming up with a plot that has rarely been touched. The struggles of all characters are relatable and interesting, making the book a definite page-turner. This is really commendable considering how the story progresses in an almost linear fashion. There are subtle twists interwoven into the characters’ lives, lending it that interesting angle.
What I also think is that this book could be an inspiration for most writers-maybe someone stuck with the writer’s block or someone looking for a subject or someone trying to understand how to look for a subject. The research that every character does and the thoughts that swarm their heads could just as well inspire another story.
The story is so uncomplicated and relaxing that I’ve classified this book as a vacation read-one of those comfort reads that you can pick up when you want a mental rejuvenation. I am pretty sure that after you’ve read this one, you’d come out with a better perspective of the world and of yourself.

My Rating:
I give this book a 4/5 for its sheer charm and simplicity.

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