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Book Review: Sands of Time by Neelam Saxena Chandra

Sands of Time is an anthology of 12 short stories based on themes of time and women. The stories are a decent effort by the author to present something that is simple to read, while also conveying a social message. She does this without getting preachy or providing elaborate descriptions of how an ideal society should be, which is a definite plus. She also does not resort to clichés, another positive, as would happen with stories that deal with similar themes.

What also worked for me was that the stories were not the same dish presented with the variation of just one ingredient and a different name. The stories all deal with various subjects of the problems or situations that women deal with in the urban and rural societies. However, the treatment of each story is different from the others thereby making this a likeable read. It is also a quick read; I managed to finish it in about 4-5 hours of reading it in intervals.

I liked how the lead characters are introduced first and how each story then takes a turn, for good.

The only thing that is a downside to this collection is its slightly laxed editing. A little more attention to it, and I would’ve come back as a happy reader.

My Rating:

I’ll rate this book 4/5.

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