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Book Review: Voyagers into the Unknown by Ruchira Khanna

DisclaimerI received a copy of this book from the author and The Book Club in exchange of an honest review. The views expressed herein are solely my own and there has been no monetary exchange involved.






The Blurb 
In the historic Indian town of Agra, you can find a very unusual tour company, which is owned by a charming young man named Raj. Although Raj’s official job is to show off the historical landmarks of Agra, including the legendary Taj-Mahal, his true mission is to heal the souls of his broken “birds,” as he affectionately refers to his tour participants. His business operates purely upon word-of-mouth referrals, ensuring that all of his tour members arrive in Agra with their hearts in their hands, ready for the spiritual growth and cleansing that Raj is known to provide. Healing the hearts of the spiritually damaged can be a difficult job, and in this particular tale, Raj finds himself faced with his most challenging tour group yet. First, there is Ira, a stunningly gorgeous but fragile young woman on the brink of suicide. Next, we meet Darci and Lennard, a couple on the verge of divorce. Then there is Carl, an irritable, antisocial workaholic who has burned all of his bridges. Lastly, we meet Asha, an elderly widow who still yearns for the company and comfort of her late husband. When disaster strikes the tour group, everything is thrown into jeopardy, including lives, relationships, and Raj’s very reputation as a tour guide. Raj must find a way to lift the spirits of these five special travelers, even in the face of death and despair. Venture into the unknown and discover how Raj Touristry heals the brokenhearted, one soul at a time.


My Review 

The blurb of this book was what inspired me to pick it up for a review. It did imply a spiritual context to the story, but I am currently on a trying-books-out-of-my-comfort-zone spree, and hence I decided why not give this one a try too.

I’ve read Ruchira’s Choices and when I started reading this one, the similarities were apparent. Similarities not in the story, but in the author’s line of thought.
The storyline is a well-thought out one and you can make out that the author believes in her story. Her attempt to pass on that belief to her readers is a decent effort and has come out well. The story has a good flow to it, not having abrupt transitions and leap of faith situations.

I also liked the author’s use of a balanced vocabulary.

Her characters are sketched well, although I thought Ira was far too rude and complicated to be believable. The characters are shown to fly into India from, all over the world, for a tour around Agra. The tour is to be conducted by a tour guide called Raj, who is famous for healing people’s troubled souls. The journey has been explained well.

However, I thought it could have been done better. It could’ve been done more through a story than through a narrative. In most places, the reader is told what to think of a situation more than being directed towards a revelation.
To summarize, while the book is a decent portrayal of the author’s beliefs and is certainly a one-time read.

My Rating 

I give this book a 3/5.



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