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Guest Post: Author M V Kasi on her badass heroine Mahi

Manya’s book That Same Old Love is certainly something that would be on the lost of most romance readers. Mahi, Manya’s heroine in the story is not your conventional heroine-she is as bad as your regular vamp! I was intrigued by why Manya created Mahi the way she did, and here’s what Manya had to say:

Nikita: Your book’s blurb introduces your heroine as someone with a bad past. A heroine with a dark past isn’t conventional. What made you go down that route?

Manya: Most of the popular romances are about tortured heroes with a dark past whose life is brightened by the love of the heroine. But I’ve always been more fascinated with complex heroines who have had a bad past, and have various hang-ups and issues. When I watch a movie or a TV series, it’s the vamp or the supposed baddie who fascinated me more than the too sweet, bubbly or perfect heroine. I always kept thinking—why was she like that? Did something or someone make her that way?

And so I wanted to write about someone different. Someone a little wild and maybe a little crazy. Someone with a dark past. My lead character, Mahi deals with her past in her own way. The things that happened to her in the past have shaped her thoughts and behavior. They made her stronger in certain aspects and weaker in some.

My hero, Samrat falls in love with an imperfect but loveable character like Mahi, rather than simply take the easier route.

Read my review of this intense and passionate romance here.

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