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Book Review: The Secret Mantra by Chaitra K R

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My Review:

The Secret Mantra belongs to the mythological fantasy genre. There’s been much of this genre coming out these days and I’ve read quite a few books from this genre myself. My curiosity quotient, therefore, when I picked up The Secret Mantra for review was really high. It is, after all, very intriguing to know what the author has done differently. Well, full marks to you Chaitra for your take on the subject. It was different, refreshing, and dealt with well.

The author manages to wrap up the story in just 162 pages, which is  another good thing because it is easier to keep up with the story that way.

Like every coin, though, this book has its downsides too. There is minimal attention to editing, especially with respect to the punctuations and extremely long sentences. Some sentences are so long that towards the end of the sentence you lose the context of what you started with. This error is big enough to overshadow the brilliance of the story in most parts.

The author’s imagination, however, is certainly a saving grace, Anthara’s companion, for instance. Good one there Chaitra!

The book is a decent read and would have been a quick one too if not for the editing.

My rating: I give this book a 3/5.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Leadstart Publishing in exchange of an honest review. The views expressed herein are solely my own and there has been no monetary transaction involved.

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