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Book Review: My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari

When Falguni’s MLLS was put up for review, a note accompanied it-keep a box of tissues ready when you read this one. I decided I wasn’t pick up this one. Give me all the mysteries, romances, even horror if you want,but a soul-twisting story that guarantees tears is not what my faint little heart can take.

So while I stayed away from it, the book continued to get rave reviews. Also testing my resistance was how much I loved Falguni’s last book , The Soul Warrior-a modern day story of Karna and Draupadi after the great war. In the end, I gave in and picked up MLLS for review.

Falguni’s writes beautifully, not an iota of doubt about that. It isn’t like you are reading Simeen’s story; it is more like someone is talking to you or like someone has left a letter that is personally addressed to you, her confidant. She trusts you with her darkest secrets and wildest fantasies.

Falguni presents her characters to you as one would introduce real people. She knows her characters in and out and that is how she brings them to you.

The story takes you on an emotional ride, that is certainly true. And in quite a few places, it overwhelms you. The relationship between the three characters is the most beautiful thing about this book. Simeen, the wife, Simeen, the ex-girlfriend, Simeen, the friend, Simeen, the sister, Simeen, the daughter, Simeen, the daughter-in-law, Simeen, the sister-in-law, and Simeen, the victim—Simeen, and through her Falguni, have totally won over my heart.

The vocabulary is flawless; it could have been a little more simplified in places, but that’s okay. The story flows at a good pace, except for towards the end, where I thought it stretched more than I wanted it to.

In all, though, a beautiful, emotional story about love, life, friendship, and everything in between.
P.S: Keep that box of tissues handy!

My rating:

I give this book a 4/5.

Disclaimer: I received this book from The Book Club and the author Nidhie Sharma in exchange of an honest review. The views expressed herein are solely my own; there has been no monetary transaction involved.

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