Book Reviews

Book Review: Letters to Her by Ketan Kalantri

Disclaimer: I got a free paperback of this book from Leadstart Publishing in exchange of my honest review. The views expressed herein are my own and there has been no monetary transaction involved.

I picked up this book for review because the blurb sounded interesting. Interesting not in a kept-me-on-the-edge-of-my-seat way, but more in a it-will-be-exciting-to-see-what-story-the-author-has-to-tell. Sadly, though, I never go to know that bit!

The story sounded cute in the beginning. I could see an interesting build-up happening. However, the book has been so poorly edited that reading only about 100 pages was pretty taxing. I am a person who is often so lost in a book that I don’t realize when I’ve finished reading the book. With this one, however, I had to force myself to read it, because I had a commitment to keep.

After about a 100 pages, however, I decided to have mercy on myself and stopped reading the book. Erratic sentence construction, poor grammar, you name it and the book has it all.

I wish the author and the editor were more involved, more passionate about getting a book published and were serious enough about the opportunity they were getting. Grossly misused opportunity this one.

My rating: Because I couldn’t read the book completely,  I am not in a position to rate this one.

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