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Book Review: Another Love Story by Arjun Premkumar


I received a free paperback this book from Leadstart Publishing in exchange of an honest review. The views expressed herein are my own. There has been no monetary transaction involved.

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My Review:

College romances, friendships, and how people transform when they move out of the cocoon of security that is the life in school and college has been the subject of many books in recent times. Reading these books, therefore, is about how well an author can present his ideas across for the world to accept them, without going big on the comparisons. Another Love Story is a decent attempt at presenting the old with a whiff of the new.

The title Another Love Story gives you an idea of expecting something that is different from the usual. Which is why I wanted to give this book a try. The reality isn’t what you’ve expected but it doesn’t disappoint you, which acts as a huge plus point in favor of the overall attributes of the book.

The characters aren’t complicated at all, easy to read about and identify with. The story has its moments of humor, another part done well. In all, this one’s a regular story with regular people and not-so-regular situations. But it does manage to keep a reader gripped, if for nothing else then just for its sheer simplicity.

The downside -the book has been poorly edited. Language and grammar sanity has been ignored, which takes away from the reading experience, more so if you are a grammar nazi.

My Rating:

I give this book a 2/5. I’d have given it a 3 or maybe even 4 had the editing been taken care of.





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