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Book Review: Dangle by Sutapa Basu

Disclaimer: I received a  free epub of this book from Readomania (the publishers of this book) and Sutapa Basu (the author of this book) as part of the book’s blog tour being conducted by The Book Club. Thank you Readomania, Sutapa, and TBC!

The story is about Ipshita Sen, a stunning and strong woman, who lives her life on her own terms. Or at least she thinks so. Dangle is a story that tells you that the concept of living life on one’s own terms is as abstract as it is real, that life has its own way of happening. What’s constant though is the fact that you’ve got to hold on, face the demons, and do everything you can to conquer them. Which includes leaning on a shoulder and asking for support when you can’t figure things out for yourself. Love’s magic can be subtle, but it’s healing is pretty strong. 

Ipshita has a lot of demons walking with her in life. Some known, some unknown. While she finally decides to tackle the known ones head on, the unknown ones baffle her. But what’s inspiring is her determination to overcome them. Ipshita’s character is the strength that you’ll take away from this story. 

Adi is her rock, her anchor when the sea of her life is raked up with a storm. So are her parents. 
There are a lot of other characters in the story, but they aren’t overwhelming or confusing to the story anywhere. Adi’s love and devotion for Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose may seem a little bit of a digression, but it still makes up for an interesting read. Moreso, because it shapes the way Ipshita and Adi’s relationship progresses. In fact, I liked how Sutapa has kept these initial revelations implicit and interesting.
Lucid flow of prose and a balanced flow of vocabulary add to the charm of the story. 
The book has everything going for it to make it a good read.
My Rating:
A 4/5 for this one.

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