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Book Review: Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit

Disclaimer: I received a  free paperback of this book from Rupa Publications (the publishers of this book) and Varsha Dixit (the author of this book) as part of the book’s blog tour being conducted by The Book Club. Thank you Rupa, Varsha, and Rubina Ramesh of the fabulous TBC!

RWWR is the third installment in Varsha’s quirky and humorous series of three love stories. And by all means and parameters, this one’s certainly the best one.

RWWR is the story of Gayatri and Viraj. Gayatri is Nikhil’s  (introduced in Right Fit Wrong Shoe and the male protag of book #2 Wrong Means Right End) foster sister, and Viraj is the ‘mad’ scientist who works for Nikhil and Aditya (the male protag of book #1 Right Fit Wrong Shoe).

Gayatri and Viraj are shown to be people who fiercely guard their innermost feelings, thoughts, and demons from everybody except themselves. If you’ve read the earlier two books, you’d know the vamp that Gayatri was, or still is?!

The way Gayatri has been portrayed floors you, all the more if you’ve read the previous books. She inspires you and makes you want to know more about her. It makes you wish that she doesn’t have to go through the ups and downs of life that she does, some really harsh and some that give you goosebumps.

Viraj is eccentric. And Varsha has shown this amazingly! His conversations with his ‘audience’ of everyday is amusing, to say the least. The characters, of course, are dealing with their own demons but the past isn’t too overwhelming. What’s been done well, is Varsha’s attempt to tell you that the past is only as important as we make it to be. It could be a deterrent, it could be a motivator. But it should be you who decides what it means for you.

And now for what won my heart over! The effortless flow of the story. The story flows beautifully, no situation seeming out of place or a leap of faith or handled insufficiently. The simple language used adds to the list of what makes this book a page turner.

My Rating:

A 4/5 for this one!

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