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Guest Post: Sundari Venkatraman on what she’d like for the paparazzi to ask her!

Sundari Venkatraman is undoubtedly one of my very favorite authors. She has everything that takes for one to be a celebrated author: talent, dedication, discipline, passion; all of this is proven by the breakneck speed at which she publishes her novels.

As her beta reader for many of her projects, her reviewer, and an ardent fan, I know for a fact that it isn’t long before she becomes a hot shot celebrity author. 

And it was this that inspired my question when she graciously agreed to do a guest post for my blog.

Here’s what I asked her:

We all dream about being those hot shot celebrity writers someday who the paparazzi goes crazy for. What’s the one question you’d like to be asked when you are interviewed on a national platform one day? And of course, what’ll your answer be?

Over to you Sundari:

Thank you for the thought-provoking question Nikita. And yeah, it’s a tough one 😀
I agree with you when you say that we all aim to be hot shot celebrity writers. The question that I am looking forward to answering the paparazzi is:
Journo: Why did you go independent? Isn’t being an indie author more difficult?
Sundari: To begin with, I didn’t have a choice. I had my books first on my computer and later on my blogs as serials, as I kept receiving rejection after rejection from publishers around the world. Luckily, that never stopped me from writing. 
All this time, the Universe had a different plan for me and it fell into place when I met Rubina Ramesh online. After reading a couple of chapters from a serialised novel on my blog, she asked me if I had ever thought of self-publishing and even pointed me towards Rasana Atreya, a famous indie author. As they say, the rest is history. 
The journey has not been easy. But then again, I wouldn’t call it difficult. Yes, it has been extremely challenging. I have a host of people to thank for my success. My beta readers, my cover artist, all the bloggers who have patiently read and reviewed my books honestly and most importantly, my readers who have made me what I am today – a world famous author. 
I am extremely thankful to Amazon for having made this possible. Life for an indie author has been simplified due to the advent of Amazon. They are the best partners to have on your side. 
Blog tours by The Book Club have been a powerful support for marketing. I realised along the way that I also have a flair for social media marketing. When the marketer and author work shoulder to shoulder, they can create magic is what I see from my experience. 
Yeah, being an indie author is an exhilarating journey, one that I completely relish. 


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Sundari Venkatraman on what she’d like for the paparazzi to ask her!

  1. Thank you Nikita for that awesome intro and the lovely question. I only hope I did justice to it with my answer 😀

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