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Guest Post: Varsha Dixit on the Right and Wrong series coming to an end

Varsha Dixit is a writer who I am, as a reader and reviewer, totally proud of! Her Right and Wrong series (Right Fit Wrong Shoe, Wrong Means Right End, and Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right) is one of the most enjoyable series I’ve read and I’ve loved all three books, especially the last. Her books have so many emotions floating around that it’s hard to escape the whirlwind.

With Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right, her very popular series has come to an end. As a reader, departing from characters that I’ve been connected to for so long is very emotional experience. And I’ve always wondered how it is like for the author, who has given life to these characters!

Well, Varsha was kind enough to let me know her experience!

Here’s what I asked her: 

You’ve come to the end of a really fun-filled series. How do you feel about it? How easy or difficult was it to come up with the series? Was this how you had planned it always or did the stories come as divine inspiration?

And this is what Varsha has to say:

When I started writing Right Fit Wrong Shoe in 2006 it was more of a cathartic process. Grieving over my father’s demise whom I was extremely close to, I needed something to bring equilibrium. Something that was far removed from the emotional turmoil I was undergoing. Thus I started writing random thoughts and disjointed story ideas. The idea that appealed most to me was a story of best friends. Friendships have always played a very important role in my life and continue to do so. Friends are the family we choose and I have to say I chose well. Just like my two pivotal characters – Sneha and Nandini.

Aditya Sarin was not supposed to feature so largely in the book. However with Nandini and Aditya’s first meeting, on paper, I realized that these two need a book of their own and so did Sneha. Thus a series was born.

When I envisaged Gayatri I thought of her as a quintessential vamp but with a back-story. Even my bad had to have some good, some logic. Thus came Gayatri’s strong bond with Nikhil and why it existed in the first place. That is how ‘Right and Wrong’ series became about three women in three different phases of their lives.

Now that I have written, ‘Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right’, the last book in the series, I feel exultation that all my characters have found their happy ending. However, somewhere inside of me there is a certain ache that I will no longer be writing about the shenanigans of – Gayatri and Viraj, Sneha and Nikhil and Nandini and Aditya. These characters have lived with me since 2006 so there is definitely a void. But I’m an optimistic person and cursed or blessed with an overactive imagination. Thus even though, I will never forget Nanindi, Sneha and Gayatri and their better halves, my journey as an author is far from its end. There will be new characters, crazy plots and more books. For every end is a new beginning.

Thank you Nikita for inviting me to do a guest post on your blog and I wish you the best in all your writings. Good luck to you and your wonderful readers.

Varsha Dixit is the bestselling author of contemporary romance. ‘Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right’ her latest book released in August 2016. To find out more about Varsha and her books visit her website or her author page on Facebook. Twitter: @Varsha20


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