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Book Review: Cabbing All the Way by Jatin Kuberkar

This book inspired two different thoughts in me. One, in the world that we live in today, anything that saves time and takes away even one of the struggles we deal with everyday is welcomed with open arms. 

Another thing, which I think is the bliss of today’s life, is the strong bonds that develop between strangers-office groups, train groups, gym groups, cab groups are as common as they are endearing.

Jatin takes you on a ride with one such group. The blurb of the book and the cover are both inviting. Jatin’s cab group has twelve people, including him, or twelve minds, as the author prefers to call them, who come together to attempt car pooling as a solution to their exhausting daily commute.

The story is a decent attempt by the author to bring together twelve characters and give each one the same amount of footage; he has done this really well and certainly scores brownie points for it. The story is equally distributed between the twelve characters and, in a way, it is refreshingly different from similar stories belonging to this genre. 

The author’s use of language is good too. He has used some Hyderabad slang here and there, but has also given their English translations/equivalent so that the uninitiated don’t feel left out. 

Another good thing about the story is that it is a short, quick read. It does not unnecessarily drag.
However, there’s one thing that I, as a reader, would’ve liked to see. I would’ve loved to see the author add a little more depth to his characters. Although the story is in first person POV with the author as his namesake, he certainly has done justice in giving space to all his characters. However, I felt that my connect with the rest of characters, as a reader, lacked somewhere. At 150 pages, the story is a short read, so probably adding to it a few more tens would’ve improved the reading experience. 

In all, though, a good debut. If you are looking for a breezy read to accompany that holiday breakfast/brunch or just something that is a companion for your long commute to work, you might want to take a look at this. 

My Rating: I give this one a 3/5. 


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