Book Review: The Prince’s Special Bride by Devika Fernando (Royal Romance Book 1)

I was suffering from a prolonged case of readers’ block just before I picked up this book for reading. Yeah, readers’ block is a real thing!

Am I not glad then, that the Universe sent this book my way?! This book didn’t just cure my readers’ block, it was also after very long that I sat up late into the night to finish a book.

Just about sums up how much I fell in love with this book, doesn’t it?

The Blurb

So, TPSB, the first book in Devika’s Royal Romance series, is about Marie, a night manager and independent to the core young lady, and her struggle to make her place in the royal kingdom of Taragonia.

You can read the full blurb here.

My Review

Marie, our heroine, charms the socks off you from the word go! She is beautiful and intelligent, sensitive and honest. And yet, Marie is real, and therefore very relatable. I loved Liz too. And Christian, well obviously!!!

That is how beautifully Devika sketches her characters. The visualizations make it easy to imagine a character in your head and her characterizations are very real too. Full points to Devika for the way she has shaped up Marie’s character.

Devika has a way with her words too. Her language is impeccable, a perfect balance of simple and exotic. Just like Marie. Take this line for example: “Yes, that’s exactly it,” Marie said weakly, wondering why her traitorous mind had suddenly come up with the image of her walking by the prince’s side, their green tones begging to be matched.
Stuff like this demands attention, enriches one as a reader.

Another thing that stands out is Devika’s descriptions of everything-the places, the clothes, and the emotions. There isn’t too much description, just enough to transport you to right where a scene is taking place.

This book is perfect company for that journey home from work even as you wait for the weekend to come!

The Numbers

A 5/5 for this one, nothing less than that!


I received a free PDF of this book from Devika as part of The Book Club’s book review program, in exchange of an honest review.


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