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Book Review: Falling for Emma by Alix Nichols

The Blurb:

Rising star of French chanson Cyril falls for Laura—the charming groupie who waltzed into his life one sweet summer afternoon. Their story could have been pretty straightforward except…

He’s blind.

And she isn’t who she claims to be.

My Review:

I am completely in love with this book! And I did not fall for this book after I finished reading it; I fell in love with it just a little while after I started reading it.

The story is like a cupcake – one of those little ones decorated with all sorts of colorful toppers! Small and sweet, the story leaves you with a happy feeling that stays with you for quite some time after you’ve finished reading.

Every chapter in the story is organized according to its lead characters – Cyril and Emma each gets to individually voice their emotions in alternate chapters. What impresses here is that the author manages to keep this segregation clean, not once making you think that you’d have liked the book to be organized otherwise.

I loved the way Alix begins the story—introducing Cyril in something like hushed whispers! I loved the little nuances she presents of Emma’s character—clearly the more descriptive character in the story. Geraldine’s character has been penned beautifully and adds only that much amount of grey to this colorful story as is necessary. The secondary characters, those of Cyril’s friends and the staff at the café are just as adorable as the lead pair.

Every facet of the story is revealed to the user at a comfortable pace and not in a haste, considering that this is a novella. The author is definitely not in a haste to meet the word count limit and is more intent on creating a cherished reading experience for the reader. And it turns to be exactly that.

Confused that when the blurb says Laura, who in the world are Emma and Geraldine? Go grab the book and find out!

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